Ernest Hemingway said, “The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shock-proof shit detector.” I agree. All great advertising begins with being honest — to yourself, to your clients, to your customers.

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I have written copy for dozens and dozens of websites over the years -- from esoteric sites (e.g. -- Haven't heard of that one? You ain't alone. Neither have 300 million other Americans, thanks to the company's inability, in spite of some compelling web copy and marketing materials, to reel in second round funding.), to financial software companies (, to nuts & bolts retail sites (, to lifestyle industry suppliers (Arch Chemicals for swimming pools) to cool brands like Swiss Army (watches). The majority of these websites have either gone the way of the dodo or evolved tremendously since I initially put keystroke to screen. However, the four below have thus far survived intact. Not such a big deal with The Hanover websites, which were done in 2009, and the Pacific Resources website, which was done in 2011. But the Croes Oliva website and tagline remain in pristine condition since their creation in 2001.


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