Ernest Hemingway said, “The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shock-proof shit detector.” I agree. All great advertising begins with being honest — to yourself, to your clients, to your customers.

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Licensing & Trademarks

Dan has licensed numerous concepts for calendars, greeting cards and t-shirts. Among these successes are a popular graduation card called Sumo Cum Laude and an off-the-wall 2007 wall calendar called Sumo Day Jobs, the latter featuring sumo wrestlers in unlikely professions such as rock star, figure skater, dog trainer, and umpire.
To the astonishment of many, Dan also owns, through his company All Talk, a federally-registered trademark for the iconic American phrase “I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag” for use in all motorsports on T-shirts, hats and other apparel as well as on printed materials, including posters and greeting cards. The trademarked property gained national exposure in January of 2007 when California Speedway (now Auto Club Speedway of Southern California), owned and operated by International Speedway Corporation, began running a TV commercial on the Fox Network, which culminated with NASCAR drivers Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Elliott Sadler and Kasey Kahne saying in unison, “I pledge allegiance to the flag” as a checkered flag waved.  
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