Ernest Hemingway said, “The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shock-proof shit detector.” I agree. All great advertising begins with being honest — to yourself, to your clients, to your customers.

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Direct Mail Advertising

Okay, I admit the list is important. And, yes, yes, so is the offer. But assuming those two key components of every direct mail effort have been satisfied to perfection, why quit there? With all due respect to Meatloaf, two out of three ain't bad sometimes, but in today's bareknuckled, tightfisted advertising game, two out of three simply won't cut it. The creative component needs to be equally perfect. In fact, it could be argued, successfully I think, that with all other things equal, the task of truly differentiating a product and a brand ultimately falls on the broad shoulders of the creative component.
An Unheard of Response from Media Buyers. Media buyers are used to getting fancy, dimensional mailers. So the strategy to send out 1500 mailers in hand-addressed plain brown envelops was step one in cutting through the clutter. Then, when these jaded media buyers saw what was inside — a wallet allegedly owned by a high value target for high value products and services — they were hooked. More than 40% of them called Fidelity Investment Magazine’s dedicated 800 number for more details. In the process they learned that they were automatically enrolled in a contest with a chance to win the items mentioned in the wallet -- a first-class, one-week vacation in the Caribbean, a one-month lease for a BMW, cases of expensive liquors, and so on. 
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